Phunnel hookah bowls

Phunnel ceramics is easy to recognize by its characteristic form and design. The first phunnel ceramics was launched by the company named Tangiers. This company carried out experiments through several ceramics generations to find the perfect form, material and design.

Phunnel hookah bowls - tangiers phunnel kermiak e1310928660885 150x150Phunnel hookah ceramics reached its final form today this way. It can be generally stated that this is a tall and slender ceramics, and there are no holes under the upper tobacco holder part. In the middle of the tobacco holder part, a bit raised, there is a main central hole. Its great diameter provides easy smoking.

Easy smoking is only one great advantage of this type of hookah ceramics. Phunnel ceramics allows you to enjoy longer water smoking with a more intensive flavour.

This form was designed in a way that turbulently flowing hot air (in an unorganised way, swirling) can penetrate tobacco well. Due to its capacious design, molasses stays on the top, and air penetrates molasses and tobacco well. This way aromatic molasses does not flow down and it is not lost.

Phunnel hookah bowls - alienphunnel kermia e1310931465379 150x150It is well visible in the picture what makes a phunnel ceramics. The smaller phunnel ceramics size is cost-saving, and it needs less tobacco than the larger ones, however, very long filling is possible with plenty of smoke this way as well.

It was a great advantage of the mini phunnel ceramics that only half or one third of the tobacco of the former phunnel ceramics was needed for an excellent filling. This way you can smoke for more than 1 hour with 10-15 gram hookah tobacco with the phunnel. The above ceramics was available at a very high price, which was too expensive actually.

Sahlar phunnel ceramics can be an alternative to this, which offers premium quality at an affordable price.