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How to use hookah phunnel bowl

  • Prior to initial use, please rinse with water, and also carefully rub the entire ceramic bowl with your hands.
  • Please sprinkle the tobacco or the mineral into the upper section of the ceramic bowl. Please ensure that it does not exceed the edge of the ceramic bowl. You may also press down the tobacco a bit, and you may also mix the minerals a little by shaking.
  • Stretch the tinfoil over the ceramic bowl. After that take the punching device, and make holes proceeding in a circular line at distances of 2-3 mm. Do NOT perforate the central section of 2-3 cm!
  • Now you can place glowing coal on the ceramic bowl. Enjoy the use of the bong! Both pyrophoric and natural coal can be used.

Other useful information

How to clean hookah bowl?

In the case of each type of hookah – sheesha ceramics, there is a time point when the ceramics needs a thorough cleaning. The aim of this is to provide a properly clean and expressed flavour when the hookah is used.

How to clean hookah bowl?

How to use hookah coals?

In the case of hookah ceramics it is important how much charcoal you use. Naturally, the type of hookah charcoal is the same important. It is also important whether you use self-igniting charcoal or natural hookah charcoal.

How to use hookah coals?

Phunnel bowl history

Phunnel ceramics is easy to recognize by its characteristic form and design. This company carried out experiments through several ceramics generations to find the perfect form, material and design.

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