Hookah coals

How to use hookah coals for Sahlar phunnel bowl?

In the case of hookah ceramics it is important how much charcoal you use. Naturally, the type of hookah charcoal is the same important. It is also important whether you use self-igniting charcoal or natural hookah charcoal. The following table includes a summary showing the type, size and quantity of hookah charcoal recommended for Sahlar phunnel ceramics.

Sahlar Mini Phunnel and the proper quantity of hookah charcoal

Sahlar Mini Phunnel hookah ceramics receives a little quantity of tobacco and minerals. Accordingly, hookah charcoal should be handled more carefully, with more attention. Some tobaccos endure heat better. However, there are several brands that do not endure great heat. In the case of the latter ones, charcoal should be moved more frequently, concentrically.

Self-igniting charcoal

In the case of self-igniting charcoal, 1-2 layers of grill, with 1 layer of very thick or 2-3 layers of normal household aluminium foil.

  • Diameter / Quantity / Method
    1. 33mm – 2 whole pieces – Sometimes relocating the whole pieces
    2. 40mm – 3 halves – In a tringle arrangement, on the edge of the ceramics
    3. 50mm – 2 halves or 3 halves – Relocating them on the two opposite sides, or in a tringle arrangement on the side of ceramics

Natural charcoals

  • Bamboocha – 3 whole pieces, in a triangle arrangement, in the middle at the beginning of filling, then when the cycle is started, they should be put on the edge of the ceramics
  • Cocobrico – 2 or preferably 3 pieces, in a half-tringle arrangement
  • CocoNara – 3 pieces, in a tringle arrangement, on the edge of the ceramics
  • Coco Coal – 3 pieces, in a triangle, in the middle of the ceramics
  • Cococara – 3 halves or 2 whole pieces

What does ‘relocation of charcoals’ mean?

Charcoals should be moved on the hookah ceramics. This means that charcoals should be relocated from their existing places to the empty places. This way tobacco is exposed to heat more evenly, and one point is not heated too long. Hookah charcoals should be moved every 10-15 minutes, although this depends on the size and quantity of charcoal. The more and the greater the hookah charcoals are, the more often they have to be moved.

What does it mean that you should put the charcoals in the middle or on the edge of the ceramics?

  • In the middle of the ceramics: As the aluminium foil of the Sahlar mini phunnel hookah ceramics has to be punched in the middle, placing the charcoal in the middle means that it should be wholly on the ceramics, and it should not go beyond its edge, and should be above the tobacco as much as possible.
  • On the edge of the ceramics: The charcoal should be on the edge as much as possible, it should go beyond the edge of the ceramics to a small extent. (Note that the charcoals should not fall off.)

What should I do if the heat is not enough?

As time passes, the size of charcoal as well as its calorific output decreases. At this point you can do two things. One of them is that you put ash on it. Use tweezers to take the charcoal pieces and drop them on the hookah tray from a height of 4-5 cm, and when the greyish ash layer is removed from them, put them on top of the hookah ceramics again. The other solution is to use a heat accumulating cap, which does not let heat escape.