How to cleaning hookah bowl

In the case of each type of hookah – sheesha ceramics, there is a time point when the ceramics needs a thorough cleaning. The aim of this is to provide a properly clean and expressed flavour when the hookah is used. Naturally, the clean hookah body, smoking pipe and water tank also contribute to the clean flavour, however, note that ceramics is also an important factor. Therefore you should regularly clean your hookah and remove dirt therefrom.

How can I remove and clean the burnt-on part?

The burnt-on part is a mixture of molasses with cream, paste, tobacco or steam stone’s powder. It usually occurs on the upper edge of the ceramics in a considerable quantity as hookah tobacco and molasses (or other) are exposed to the greatest heat effect here. It can be removed by means of a relatively easy and simple method, or by general washing, which needs more time and work.

  • The simple method: Put the ceramics into water for 5-10 minutes then thoroughly scrub it with the use of a metal scrubber, avoid chemicals.
  • The complex method: Put the ceramics into a bowl then pour water on it until at least half of it is covered. Following this start to warm the water, and wait until it boils. When it boils, wait for 5-6 minutes, while boiling the ceramics. After this stop boiling and let it slowly cool down. Finally, scrub it with the metal scrubber. Repeat the operation if necessary.

How can you avoid frequent general washing?

Do not use extreme heat, and be careful when filling so that the side of the edge does not get contaminated with molasses or tobacco. After use, (when it is cool again) always wash it with plenty of water, and scrub it manually. If it is necessary, clean your ceramics with the rough scrubbing pad part of the washing up sponge to remove the burnt-on parts.


  • If you put your ceramics into water for several minutes, do not use it immediately after this. The material of ceramics absorbs humidity, and if it warms up too quickly, it can become cracked.
  • Do not use a detergent with intensive odour, or which is corrosive or toxic for cleaning. Choose physical cleaning instead of the chemical one.