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    You can smoke for 2 or 2,5 hours with that phunnel
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Excellent, premium quality

In manufacturing our ceramics products, we work with the finest white clay mixture. We have been producing hookah ceramics since 2010, and we have an outstanding experience in the market. Our excellent quality products are made of premium base material, using reliable expertise, by accurate deadlines, for the international market.

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You can use with tobacco, cream, stone

A great advantage of Sahlar Phunnel ceramics is that due to its design and heat conduction it can be used with hookah tobacco, shisha steam stone, hookah cream or paste. Does it sound good that you can get the best flavours from each of these with one ceramic?

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It is compatible with any heat management system

Any examples:

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At an affordable price

We have tailored the prices of our products to our customers’ wallets, still maintaining high quality. So our prices are the most favourable in an international context, as compared to ceramics of similar quality. Same quality, with lower prices means better efficiency and higher profit.

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